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SealStop is an ingenious device that acts like a portable ballcock allowing you to set your tap running and walk away without the risk of flooding your yard, overfilling your container and so on. With SealStop you can set your hose going and get on with other tasks. There’s no need to stand and watch as your container fills up.

Simple but effective. SealStop attaches to all hose types using a hose-end quick connector.

Simply put your hose where it needs to be, in a trough or water container and get on. When the water reaches the desired level it stops filling.

What's in the Box?

Valve holder
Hosepipe connector.


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No Wasted Water

No Spills

No Mess

No Damage

No More Wasted Water

Water is sadly not the ultimate renewable resource we often assume it is.

Fresh water is limited, so saving water is important for the environment.

As the population grows, industries expand, building increase, and the climate changes, there is more demand for water.

SealStop helps address this issue by reducing water waste during common watering tasks. Our auto-shut-off device attaches to any standard hose and automatically stops the water flow once a container is full.  This prevents overflow and saves gallons of water with each use. For businesses, farms, and households

that frequently need to fill buckets, tanks, and other containers, SealStop can significantly reduce water usage over time.

Using SealStop is an easy way to help everyone do their part to conserve this precious resource and ensure adequate water for future generations. Together, small changes can make a big difference!