FAQ and Troubleshooting

SealStop is an ingenious device that acts like a portable ballcock that allows you to set your tap running and walk away without the risk of flooding your yard. It’s simple and easy to use. As SealStop is the first and currently the only device that offers these benefits we’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions.

If these FAQS don’t answer your query, get in touch.

What size and type of container will this fit?
SealStop will work with any size and type of container as long as the hole’s diameter is greater than 48mm.
Does the device work on a standard hose fitting?
Yes, it will fit on a standard ½ inch hosepipe
Will the device rest on the lip of most buckets?
The SealStop device will rest on any open bucket with a lip on the side with a diameter less than 20mm wide or a square container with a rim no more than 17mm wide.
I have low/high water pressure will the device work?

Yes, it will work with any water pressure as long as there is enough pressure to activate the diaphragm, however, the stopping level will vary depending on your water pressure. For optimum use we recommend between 0.5-5 bars of water pressure.

Can I use hot water?

We recommend not running the SealStop off the hot water tap in case of damage to the internal mechanism. 

Can I leave the device out in winter?

Freezing temperatures may damage the working mechanism of the valve. If water is flowing from the tap the device is ok to use however, we recommend draining the valve in sub-zero temperatures and not leaving it to freeze in a container.

Can SealStop be used indoors?

No, SealStop is designed to be used outdoors with a hosepipe.

Can the device be left filling?
The device can be left, however we recommend keeping it away from livestock in case it gets damaged or knocked. The valve will shut off once full however we don’t recommend leaving the tap on 24/7 as it does have wearing parts.
Can I leave my SealStop device outside?
To extend the life of the valve, we recommend that you drain any water after use and store it away from freezing conditions.
Can the SealStop valve be used with a pump?

No, the SealStop valve is designed to work efficiently with mains water pressure. It may not function optimally when used with a pump. We recommend connecting it to a water source with standard mains water pressure for best results.


Is SealStop not working for you properly?

Try these troubleshooting tips first and then give us a shout via our contact page.

My device won't stop
We recommend taking the device completely apart and checking for any debris that may be stopping/blocking the device from working correctly. To clean the device soak in a 50/50 mix of warm water and vinegar to prevent a build-up of mineral deposits and sediment.
My device won't start
Either your water pressure is too low to activate the diaphragm or the float is jammed in the housing body.
My device is leaking

Check the rubber seal in the hose pipe connector, if it leaks from the housing body ensure it is hand-tight.

My device only works intermittently
There could be a couple of reasons for this issue. First, it’s important to adjust the float housing properly, as over-tightening can disrupt water flow. Additionally, the valve may not function reliably if used with a pump. Therefore, we advise utilising the valve with mains water pressure exclusively to ensure its proper operation.


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